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Addison Marketing Programs – PR, Website, SEO, Customer Case Studies for Opal Kelly

Opal Kelly develops and sells FPGA USB 2.0 modules and software for engineers to use in research and commerce. Addison Marketing began working with Opal Kelly in early 2008 and continues now as Opal Kelly’s “Marketing Guru.”

“Frances is extremely organized in how she budgets her time. She’s incredibly dependable, persistent, and stays on task with everything she produces.” Jake Janovetz, President, Opal Kelly

  1. Positioning and Messages link to Services P&M) – competitive differentiation, technology research, and customer interviews.  This work resulted in the Communications Platform with key messages and SEO terms used as the foundation for the subsequent marketing programs.
  2. Customer Outreach – to develop customer case studies, paragraphs, and quotes for the Customer section of website.
  3. Customer case studies – interviews, writing, editing, approvals.
  4. Website Content “refreshleveraging revamped messaging and SEO
  5. Editorial Calendar program resulting in a Cover Story in ECNMag with a contributed article, "Bridging the Worlds of Hardware and Software with USB-based FPGA by Opal Kelly President, Jake Janovetz in also in SOCentral.


  1. Feature Article about Opal Kelly and the US Postal Service  in Chip Design Magazine, by Max Maxfield of TechBites “The USPS uses Opal Kelly’s FPGA USB 2.0 Modules in a Real-Time Process Control Application”.  Coverage and BLOGs about the coverage also appeared in EDN Blog, TechBites , and FPGA Central,
  2. Product Launches – XEM3050 and XEM5010 – Resulting in a number of  articles in key technology publications, including:
    1. Electronic Design FPGA Module Sports Virtex-5
    2. FPGA BLOG (An EDA BLOG site) Opal Kelly XEM5010 FPGA USB 2.0 Integration Module
    3. TechBites  New FPGA USB 2.0 Module Speeds Design” article and video
    4. EE Times – and PLDL “OEM MODULES - XEM5010 FPGA integration module has 200 hi-speed I/Os”
    5. R&D Magazine “Virtex-5 based FPGA USB integration module
    6. Xcell Magazine “Opal Kelly Releases Virex-5-based USB Integration Module
    7. Press release appeared in:  DSP-FPGA, New Guide, TMCNet (News, Satellite, IT, Green Technology), Congoo, Chip Design Magazine, FPGA Central, EDN Mag, Electronic Design Strategy News, EE Catalog

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