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Positioning & Messaging Development

Positioning & Messagings

Positioning and messaging are developed to clearly and crisply differentiate your company and products in a compelling way, for competitive advantage, in a selected market segment, at a specific time.

  • Establish the product/service category to which you belong
  • Differentiate you from your competition
  • Provide compelling benefits to address the needs of your customers and prospects

Why should you develop clear positioning?

  • A clear leadership position allows for premium pricing, lower cost of sales, and access to key decision-makers
  • The positioning process helps you determine your true company differentiation
  • Positioning clarifies the market segments and targets in which you can dominate
  • Correct positioning and messaging can help accelerate the growth of your business
  • Positioning and message development identifies important categories, keywords and link prospects to leverage
    SEO for optimum search page ranking

Why do you need to find the right category?

  • The correct category helps people find a “brain anchor” in order to quickly understand what product/service space you are in
  • It ensures you compare favorably in features, benefits and pricing
  • Prospective customers easily identify and compare you to the correct competition

Positioning and Messaging development goals:

Develop an agreed upon platform of positioning, messaging, and keyword-rich search terms on which to build website and marketing materials, that accurately reflect your product’s position in the market at a given point in time.

The Positioning Process:

1. Research:

  • Review competitors’ positioning
  • Review trends in category
  • Interview your executives
  • Interview your customers/prospects
  • Research the social media “buzz” in the category

2. Develop first draft of positioning (Crossing the Chasm style) and keyword-rich messaging to support the positioning

3. Conduct meeting with your executive team to review positioning and messaging and gain your feedback

4. Incorporate your team's comments and provide final positioning and messaging document

5. If necessary, conduct meeting with your executive team to review positioning and messaging


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