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Search Engine Optimization

seoContent & HTML Basics

Consistent great search rankings and conversions come from:

  1. An accurate “document type” declaration - According to HTML standards, each HTML document requires a document type declaration. The "DOCTYPE" begins the HTML document and tells a validator which version of HTML to use in checking the document's syntax.

  2. Site navigation and site map – Fluid/user friendly web design and navigation for “ease of use” of the site.  How easy is it for or an “automatic agent” (spiders and crawlers) or an 80-year-old or a 6- year-old to navigate? (Watch out for redundant links – “artificial” link ratings are bad.)

  3. Appropriate (logical, natural, and organic) keyword-rich content on the website and in HTML code

    - Keywords that your CUSTOMERS are searching on
    - Long tails – a phrase with your keywords
    - Accurate phrasing
    - Keyword rich anchor text (with links to underlying URLs)

  4. Optimized META content and accurate HTML code for SEO

    -  Titles with Keywords (appear on Google search title and “tab” on website page the first 63 characters & spaces appear underneath the title on a Google search; 41 characters and spaces appear on the tab on the web if using IE
    - Descriptions:  150 characters and spaces  usually the first line of text under the Google search title
    - Headings: Text  H1, H2, etc.

  5. Alt Tags for Images – search engines cannot read images.  But Alt Tags, that describe the images, are highly valued by search engines    

  6. Keywords in URLs

  7. Website Links:  Search engines place value on the quantity of links,
    variety and diversity of link sources (websites, Blogs, articles, directories),   
    and their similarity to the content on your website.  Links should go to both your
    home page and other pages within your website.

- Inbound – websites, blogs (especially good from .org, .edu, .gov)
- Reciprocal (not important to Google – due to misuse)
- Outbound
- Social Network links check carefully – many have “no follow” in their URL, so  they don’t help with SEO

For great information about SEO, check out the Google webmaster guides


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